At its heart, the Learning for Well-being (L4WB) Foundation is a group of people – board, team and community of partners – who have come together to support a shared vision. 

We are committed to manifesting a world where each one of us can participate fully, in a holistic and systemic way, to discover and enrich our unique qualities and experience our common humanity, on the individual and collective level.

The Foundation was set up in 2004 as a non-profit organisation and registered in The Netherlands.

A beginning Vision

Daniel Kropf,a healthcare entrepreneur, and Marwan Awartani, professor of mathematics, met in Rome in June 2002. It was immediately clear that they shared a desire to see a new kind of society in which their passion for the well-being of children could be realised.

They understood that manifesting their values through this vision required:

  •  a shift in paradigm and quality of decision-making;
  • the integration of education and health systems;
  • a common agenda for all actors in society, including public  institutions as well as business and private foundations;
  • recognition of our interconnectedness, and the uniqueness of every human being.

From their commitment to this shared vision, in May 2004 they joined Corinne Evens, a longstanding philanthropist  in establishing the Universal Education Foundation (now: Learning for Well-being Foundation) under the motto “education by all for the well-being of children” Since then, various partners have participated in developing a common strategy and have joined in co-creating and implementing programs that reflect what became the vision and values of Learning for Well-being.

The L4WBF promotes a sense of  wholeness by tending to physical (hand), emotional (heart), mental (head), and spiritual (spirit) aspects in all its activities.

Our work can be divided in four intertwined strands: working in partnerships for catalysing change , building knowledge through research and practice, which is used in advocacy and building the capacity of child-focused organisations and individuals.