The Team

Daniel Kropf

Founder and Chair

Daniel is the Founding Chair and Chair of the Learning for Well-being Foundation, formerly the Education Foundation. From a young age onwards, Daniel took a great passion in a more holistic approach of human beings, education and health care.

As a healthcare entrepreneur, Daniel has always pursued a deeper understanding of human functioning. With diverse approaches encompassing tools and methodologies from the Western and Eastern cultures. He has established, chaired or directed several healthcare businesses ranging from biofeedback and cognitive behavioural therapy to tools for genetic diagnostics, cell therapy, glycol-protein mapping, finger printing and sequencing to medical devices. He is also a Board member of the Evens Foundation, of EPTO (European Peer Trainers Organization) and on the board of EIESP (European Institute for Education and Social Policy).
Daniel is married with two young children and currently living in The Netherlands. Send an email to Daniel

Linda O’Toole

Senior Fellow: Co-editor of the L4WB Magazine / Research

Linda’s professional experience has focused on helping individuals and groups understand their distinctive ways of functioning in order to enhance their interactions and achieve their goals. She is particularly interested in the patterns through which people engage and process their inner and outer experiences. Her approach uses a whole system perspective, integrating the cognitive, emotional, and sensory aspects. In the 1980s Linda played a key role in original research on individual differences, later formulated as Human Dynamics. As Director of Training & Product Development for over 20 years, she designed and delivered seminars, including producing multimedia workshop materials. She trained facilitators in more than 20 countries in Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Linda began working with L4WB-F in early 2006, participating in the Voice of Children surveys. She developed the L4WB Framework, offers workshops, and is co-editing the L4WB Magazine. She has found a home within L4WB-Foundation for her approach to inner diversity. Send an email to Linda

Yakarah Attias-Rosen

Managing Director

For the past 18 years Yakarah has been working with Daniel Kropf, and has been involved in all areas of Daniel’s business and non-profit activities. Yakarah holds a degree in Political Science, Anthropology and Sociology and a Masters in Business Management. She is a certified instructor of Nonviolent Communication® and Human Dynamics® and assists in L4WB trainings.

Yakarah coordinates the implementation of L4WB-F’s work plan in Europe, cultivates strategic relationships and takes care of the systematic development of the organisation. She is responsible for overseeing the administration, programs and strategic plan of the organization and is also responsible for overseeing and supporting the team members for projects L4WB-F is either leading or partnering with. She is married and has three children. Send an email to Yakarah

Luís Manuel Pinto

Director of Programs and Learning

Luis brings together his experience and expertise in learning, communication and organisation development at the service of the Learning for Well-being community. He is very interested in the intersection between gradients of difference such as culture, identity, temperament and ways of learning. His path has been dedicated to develop and manage educational programmes promoting social inclusion, with a particular focus on the topics of children and youth participation, gender-based discrimination and religious diversity. Luis promotes approaches using peer-to-peer and self-directed learning. He is passionate about metaphors and the use of movement and image in learning experiences. You can talk with him in Portuguese, English, Spanish and French.

Luís develops and manages new programs applying the Learning for Well-being framework, focusing on organisations, and children and young people. He facilitates, trains and coaches individuals and organisations through L4WB. He also cares for the branding and image of the Learning for Well-being Foundation. Send an email to Luis

Catherine Pluys

Event Management

Catherine has a deep curiosity of life, others, multiple forms of intelligence and expression. Her sense to discover, to explore potentials and to learn, brought her into experiencing different kind of activities: project and budget management, organizing events and journeys, health and well-being sessions, communication and education.

Catherine is passionate about the quality of relationships, the mutual enrichment and at the same time being very pragmatic. She loves to bring ideas into concrete actions. Moreover, she loves to travel and meet people from all over the world. She offers her diversity and qualities into the L4WB projects, especially into the programs focused on respecting the fundamental rights and the fulfilment of others; in order to contribute to a world that recognizes and supports the uniqueness  of each one of us. Send an email to Catherine

Madalina Gherman

Administrative and Financial Support

Originally from Timisoara, Romania, Madalina has a Master’s degree in English Language and Literature and worked as an English teacher for several years before relocating to Belgium in 2006.

Ever since, she has acquired experience working in HR, Finance and Administration related functions, of which she has grown very fond of. She remains passionate about languages and dreams of becoming an author one day. Madalina speaks Romanian, English, French and Dutch. Send an email to Madalina

Darren Bird

Director Child Participation & Safeguarding

Darren Bird is has spent all his professional career working with children and young people: working for NGOs, local government, and private practice in the fields of play work, education, youth work and children’s rights. For 12 years he worked as Chief Executive Officer of Funky Dragon – the Children and Young People’s Assembly for Wales (UK). His work also consists of advising organisations on how to listen to children and implement participatory approaches within their structures. Send an email to Darren.

Arshad Mozumder

ACT2gether Youth Coordinator

Arshad Mozumder is a young individual who discovered himself and his passions through getting involved in children and adult collaborative initiatives. From his childhood to his now being a young adult 7 years later, he has volunteered much of his time to supporting and developing on these initiatives whilst working with and coordinating teams of children and young people.

With familial origins from Bangladesh, Arshad has grown up in the UK, and has a keen interest in healthcare and wellbeing. This has led to him achieving a degree in the Biomedical Sciences, and now to his aspirations of being a doctor in the future. He is particularly interested in Paediatrics, Psychiatrics and the holistic care approach to Medicine, which will continue on his passion for working with children and young people, whilst also combining his caring and supportive nature to help with the emotional and physical wellbeing of the people he interacts with.

Arshad is committed to ‘serving’ the Young People working closely with L4WB, ensuring that they are treated fairly and respected, whilst also feeling empowered and supported at all times. He is a bridge between generations and works to ensure competent partnerships develop with young people and adults throughout L4WBs various activities. Arshad loves to dance, and yes his hair is naturally curly. Send an email to Arshad. 

Emma Rada

Director of Communications 

Emma has been a Social Communicator since 2013; sensitive to her reality and willing to collaborate with people. Has a work experience in communication and development, communication and culture, tourism, gender and  human rights.  Actively participates in independent artistic projects and feminist collectives (actress and activist in LGBTIQ and women’s rights). Send an email to Emma



Maria Belén Paz

Director ACT2gether Latin America

Maria Belén  has been passionate about Children’s Rights and Child Participation from a very young age. Born in Bolivia, she studied at the French School in La Paz and moved to Paris in 2004 to study International Law and International Cooperation. Her voluntary work in different NGO’s led her to specialize in the Education and Children’s Rights sector. She worked for ‘Initiatives of Change France’ as the field coordinator of the ‘Education for Peace Programme’ in Paris for 5 years and then joined the CATS (Children as Actors for Transforming Society) core team on behalf of Initiative of Change. In 2016 she moved back to Bolivia where she opened the Latin America office dealing with children’s rights and intergenerational collaboration and has been developing, as the office Director, child participation projects and doing field research. She has now joined the Act2gether team as Director for development and Latin America. Maria is married and has a 2 year old daughter, she enjoys reading, travelling and meeting different people from all around the world. Send an email to Maria.



Camee Comperen

Project Manager

Camee has always had a deep inspiration to make education more holistic and to create more space in society for deeper connection, this inspiration founded in the ten years she spent as a Waldorf student. Through her involvement in a youth council in 2016, she got involved with the youth team of the Learning for Wellbeing foundation and in 2019 she started as managing assistant. 

Camee grew up in a small village in the South of the Netherlands with her parents and two little sisters. During her primary and secondary education in a Waldorf school, she experienced an education system that allowed the child to develop their inner diversity. This experience planted the seed for her interest in education, politics, philosophy and the creation of meaningful relationships. She is currently living in Amsterdam where she is studying political science and philosophy. 

Camee is responsible for the “Workgroup on Pluralism in Assessment” project which we are doing in partnership with ECSWE and Waldorf Hungary and assisting in the development of ACT2gether Youth . Send an email to Camee


Fenne Bagust

Managing Assistant

Growing up as a third culture kid that was born in Damascus, Syria and moved to Oman, The Czech Republic, and the Netherlands, Fenne is an open minded, empathetic and creative person. After graduating with an International Bachelorette diploma in Prague, Fenne decided to follow her bachelors degree in Groningen the Netherlands. The University College of Groningen enabled Fenne to focus on her areas of strength while also covering a vast range of subject areas that provide her with a rounded holistic education. She has recently graduated with a Bachelor in Science with a specialization in International Relations and International Law. She has just started her masters in International Security, where she wishes to deepen her knowledge in the security of children and the rights of the child.

As the managing assistant, Fenne supports Daniel with his work in the foundation while also being involved in the operational side of ACT2gether and the development of ACT2gether in the Netherlands. Send an email to Fenne

L4WB-Fellows & Associates

Shanti George

Senior Associate: Developing networks

Shanti George is a social anthropologist trained in India and now based in the Netherlands. She has taught at universities on three continents and has worked with foundations on a similar scale. Her five books and many articles have been translated into various languages. She is currently an honorary professor at the School of Education and Lifelong Learning at Aberystwyth University in Wales.

Shanti’s work with the L4WB-Foundation enables her to bridge the worlds of knowledge, practice activism and philanthropy. Around L4WB’s central theme of competent partnerships between children, young people and adults. Send an email to Shanti

Caroline van Eeghen

Associate: Senior Relationship Manager

Born and raised in The Netherlands, Caroline started her career in Public Relations and Communications. At a later stage in her life, she got her Master’s degree in Dutch law and worked as a legal advisor at Dutch government institutions. Being passionate about making changes in the world, she entered the NGO-world. As a communication manager, with the main focus on internal and external communication, and bringing partners and funders together. Since 2016, she supports the L4WB-F in this field.

As a mother of two – adult – daughters, she is dedicated to a more holistic approach on education, placing the well-being of both children and adults first. She is passionate about yoga, tennis, horses, traveling and reading. Caroline is married, and currently living in France. Send an email to Caroline

Moshe Garelik

Associate: Partnership Advisor

Activist for entrepreneurship and international relations in the European Union.
After his rabbinical studies in the USA, France and Israel Moshe was ordained Rabbi in Australia in 1995. He taught and successfully ran several non-profit organisations in the education, cultural, humanitarian, social and religious sectors. Currently, he is facilitating UniOne way of life through networking of relevant foundations and individuals.

Jean Gordon (1949-2019)

Senior Fellow: Co-editor of the L4WB Magazine

As a Senior Fellow of the L4WB-F, Jean had been with us from the beginning of the foundation’s establishment. Jean was an integral part of the Learning for Well-being family and her passion and energy were the source of countless activities that enriched and improved all of our lives. Her strong personality, love for contributing to what she believed in, constant support, advice and dedication to our shared work will  be sorely missed.

Bringing change and improvements to education and training and all situations where children, young people and adults are learning so that everyone can flourish and lead happy, healthy and meaningful lives was the core of Jean Gordon’s work. She worked for many years for a European institute (European Institute of Education and Social Policy) based in Paris working mainly with the European Union, the countries across Europe, and in the Mediterranean region. Her work aimed to contribute to lifelong learning opportunities and personal development through improving access to learning and its recognition, individualising pathways, developing key competences and increasing transparency of learning and qualifications.

Jean was the Joint Editor of the European Journal of Education from 2004 to 2015 and a Co-editor of the Learning for Well-being Magazine. She enjoyed writing and editing articles and reports so that more people could inform themselves about new ideas and initiatives. She worked with the Learning for Well-being Foundation developing advocacy tools and partnerships to support Learning for Well-being for children, young people and adults in different settings.

Raymond Georis

L4WB Fellow

In 1954, Raymond received a Doctorate in Law from the University of Louvain and in 1957 got a diploma in Economic and Political Sciences from the College of Europe in Bruges. In 1962-63, he spent a year in Paris to study Economics and Educational Planning.

In 1958-60, he was appointed Administrator at Western European Union in London and was transferred from 1960-1962 to the Council of Europe in Strasbourg. From 1963-1966, Raymond was Professor in Planning and Financing of Education at the UNESCO Asian Institute of Educational Planning and Administration at New-Delhi. In 1967, he was recruited by the European Cultural Foundation in Amsterdam to manage its Plan Europe 2000 and, in 1973, he became Secretary General of the Foundation until his retirement in 1995.

Raymond was the Founding Chairman, in 1989, of the European Foundation Center in Brussels and has since remained involved in the world of Foundations: Director of the Association for Innovative Cooperation in Europe in Brussels from 1995-2001 and of its successor the Network of European Foundations (NEF) from 2002-2004, he was Secretary General of the Madariaga College of Europe Foundation from 2005 until 2007. Raymond Georis served as Chairman to the Board of the Foundation for 14 years and has just recently stepped down from his post.

His commitment to the ideas and purpose of Learning for Well-being together with the relationships he forged has helped the foundation become what it is today. He continues to be an avid supporter of our work and in light of his invaluable contribution will always be an honorary member of our Foundation.






Colin Longhurst

L4WB Fellow

Colin Longhurst is a fellow of The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (FCA), Dutch Register Accountant (RA). He kindly served pro-bono as the Financial Advisor and Secretary to the Board for eight years and has just recently stepped down from his post. His commitment to the team, expertise and clarity of mind were a great source of comfort and support which has helped the foundation become what is it today. Colin continues to follow the work of L4WB-F with interest and in the light of his invaluable contribution will always be an honorary member of the foundation.