Holistic image of children

We have defined a competent system as an individual, group, organization, community or institution with the capacity to make decisions and take actions that serve themselves, others, and the environment,,with well-being at the heart of all their endeavours.

Our intention is to harness the experience, focus, and connections of the L4WB Community towards a joined-up action that is being launched at the fifth L4WB Community Meeting on April 24, 2018 in Brussels.  The starting point focuses on looking at the existing development of competent systems that nurture children.

Education systems and Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) services are continually under development but do those changes target the deep problems facing children, their families/carers and more broadly our societies? New and stronger alliances are needed across sectoral interests if we are serious about creating together more just, inclusive and sustainable societies where all can realise their fundamental human rights and unique potential.

The principles of L4WB undergird the decision to initiate new work with our partners to examine the extent to which our ECEC and education systems contain the policy orientations and guiding principles for working towards competent systems based on a holistic image of children.

For our latest publication “Towards Systems competent for nurturing children’s holistic development from birth through school”, click here.

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