Promoting individual and community health

The World Health Organization (WHO) has identified the social determinants of health (SDH) as the complex and overlapping social, physical, economic systems, political and cultural factors that directly impact health and health inequities.

Inspired by the work in SDH, the Ministry of Health in Palestine has partnered with the L4WB Foundation to create Elham Health that parallels the Elham Education program, but engages the multiple stakeholders involved directly and indirectly in promoting individual and community health.

The program encourages the development and acknowledgment of innovative initiatives with the twin goals of increasing the number of people who benefit, and inspiring others to join together in new initiatives. Elham Health uses the Learning for Well-being principles as the process through which various individuals and groups work together on joint initiatives.  The principles also provide the evaluation structure for selecting the initiatives to be honored and replicated at the national level.

In 2018 the first cycle of Elham Palestine Health will be completed.


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