How can the path towards gender equality take in consideration the role of children?
How can children’s rights, and in particular, child participation, be a vehicle for creating gender equality?

These were some of the questions explored in a joint meeting of the Gender Equality and the Children and Youth Network, both interest groups within the European Foundation Centre. Andrea from ACT2gether Latin America and Luís from the Learning for Well-being Foundation, talked about their experience with supporting competent partnerships between children and adults as means to address gender-based discrimination.

They talked about the mutually feeding relationship between patriarchy and adultism, and the need for new visions of childhood and adulthood based on mutual learning. The group agreed to meet again in a few months to explore potential partnerships. We support initiatives like these, that create connections between different fields of social change and
expand our view of what’s at stake for children and adults alike.

If you want more information about this event please contact:

Luis Manuel Pinto
Director for Programmes & Learning
Learning for Well-being Foundation