We want children, and adults that support them, to experience:

●       Autonomy — I have a sense of my own independence and uniqueness.

●       Appreciation — I feel respected and valued for who I am – and respect others.

●       Agency — My choices have meaning/significance, and I am able to make decisions that impact me.

●       Achievement — I have opportunities and am encouraged to work at my highest and best level.

●       Attachment — I have relationships in all aspects of my life for which I care, and by which I am cared for.

●       Altruism — I have the means/opportunities to express my caring for others through specific acts/attitudes.

●       Adventure — I have opportunities to exercise curiosity and am encouraged to try new experiences /ideas.

●       Aliveness — I am filled with vitality, play, a sense of being alive!

●       Awe — I feel wonder, peace and connection with the world around me.