Following ratification of the Convention of the Rights of the Child in 1989, a range of research projects at Innocenti contributed significantly in shaping UNICEF’s adoption of the human rights-based approach to development. Innocenti pioneered much early work on child protection as UNICEF’s mandate expanded in this area.

Innocenti today plays a critical evidence gathering and knowledge building role for UNICEF and its key partners on a wide range of cutting-edge children’s issues. It coordinates multi-country research on the drivers of violence affecting children. It plays a central role in adolescent well-being, child rights and the internet, child rights implementation, family and parenting support policy and multi-dimensional child poverty analysis.

Today the Office of Research – Innocenti is the dedicated research centre for UNICEF. It exercises a leadership role on research and related activities across the organisation, with a mandate to develop a research agenda that focuses on knowledge gaps relevant to the strategic goals of UNICEF and its key partners.

The L4WB-F is partnering with UNICEF’s Office of Research, Innocenti, and the US based Fetzer Institute in a two-year research project, beginning in January 2018. This project will be the first stage in a multi-year study on developing practices and products for strengthening core capacities. To read more about this project go here.

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