Edvina Dedić

Youth Board member

Edvina acknowledged injustice from a very young age, but didn’t always know how to get people to listen to her opinion, while being so young. Once she had decided to make sure that she is the change she wants to see in the world, she became the second best debater in her country, led a big number of conferences and made many appearances on radio and tv shows on different topics concerning young people. Slovenia’s association of friends of youth, gave her the opportunity to first participate and then facilitate in a program allowing for middle school children opinions to reach the Slovenian government. After that she joined Eurochild children’s council and for two years focused on children’s rights in Europe. During this time she also worked as a promoter for UNICEF and is still a volunteer there. She wanted to expand her work and out of the many connections she made, the Learning for wellbeing Foundation caught her heart. Edvina feels like it gives her the opportunity to help anyone and not just one specific minority and becoming a board member of an organization like L4WB-F at the age of 17, was something she felt she owed the little girl inside her who was mad at the unfairness in the world!