Fenne Bagust

Project Manager

Growing up as a third culture kid that was born in Damascus, Syria and moved to Oman, The Czech Republic, and the Netherlands, Fenne has become an open minded, empathetic and creative person. After graduating with an International Baccalaureate diploma in Prague, Fenne decided to follow her bachelors degree in Groningen the Netherlands. The University College of Groningen enabled Fenne to focus on her areas of strength while also covering a vast range of subject areas that provide her with a rounded holistic education. She has recently graduated with a Master in International Security and is currently following her second master in Middle Eastern Studies, where she hopes to gain more knowledge about the human rights and security of people in that region.

As a Project Manager, Fenne co-coordinates Act2gether in the Netherlands. She is also responsible for the Act2gether youth strategy. Send an email to Fenne. Send an email to Fenne