Pedagogical Advisor & Programme Support

Ida grew up surrounded by animals, gardens, and the forest-covered mountains of the North Eastern US. She practiced various fine and fiber arts, instrumental and choral music, and ballet. Early on, she delighted in the chemistry of the kitchen, and loved to translate mathematics into the 3D geometry of sewing and woodworking.

After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Anthropology, and a Masters’s in Education in Waldorf Pedagogy and Integrated Learning, she spent nine years teaching all academic and artistic subjects to students aged 6 to 14. Throughout these years, Ida repeatedly observed the consistent benefits of integrating emotional, physical, and mental components into every lesson. 

Ida is enthusiastic about helping young people develop a meaningful interest in the world and in lifelong learning. She is excited to find ways to bring these ideas to more of the world through work with the L4WB Foundation, through pedagogical and curriculum development.