Jorge Eduardo Gomez

Executive Assistant

With a deep interest in culture, identity, and human relations, Jorge studied history, religion, anthropology, communication, and international relations at different universities around the world. He has a passion for languages, traveling and new experiences and as such he has lived in Israel, Mexico, and Colombia (where he was born) and currently in Brussels, where he worked in advocacy for human rights and peace building. His interest in migration and agency in multicultural settings within contexts of social exclusion and conflict led him to undertake multidisciplinary research in the Colombian Caribbean, Israel, and Sudan (on Eritrea migration pathways). 

Jorge believes in the power of balancing rational structures and spontaneous emergence as a way to connect to nature and express our humanity. In the Foundation, he has found a place that shares his commitment for universality and freedom, believing that everyone has the chance to fulfill their unique potential.

As Executive Assistant for the Foundation and Personal Assistant to Daniel Kropf, Jorge supports Daniel and Yakarah in their day to day activities and takes an active role in advocacy efforts promoting the Foundation’s work. Send an email to Jorge.