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Moonshine St. 14/05
Light City, London
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The Foundation

Who we are

The Learning for Well-being Foundation implements diverse projects worldwide, promoting holistic well-being and school reform, embedding a transversal element of intergenerational collaboration throughout.

We envision a world where every child can fulfil their unique potential and our work focuses on combining human and social development, implementing programmes that explore inner diversity and cultivate core capacities with the aim of creating social change.

Established in 2004, our Foundation is a non-profit organization registered in The Netherlands.

A beginning vision

The Learning for Well-being Foundation began when Daniel Kropf and Marwan Awartani met by chance in Rome in June 2002. Right from the start, they both shared a strong wish to create a better society where they could focus on children’s happiness and well-being.

They knew that making this vision a reality meant:

  • a shift in thinking and decision-making;
  • the integration of education and health systems;
  • a common agenda to include public institutions as well as business and private foundations;
  • recognition of our interconnectedness, and the uniqueness of every human being.

Furthermore, they understood that at the core of this vision lay the fundamental truth that relationships thrive on a foundation of trust and curiosity.

From their commitment to this shared vision, they joined Corinne Evens, a longstanding philanthropist, in establishing the Universal Education Foundation in May 2004. It’s now known as the Learning for Well-being Foundation. Their motto was “education by all for the well-being of children.” Since then, many partners have helped create plans and run programmes that match the foundation’s vision and values.

The foundation promotes a sense of wholeness by tending to physical (hand), emotional (heart), mental (head), and spiritual (spirit) aspects in all its activities.