Stichting IPA (Parents International) is established with the mission of supporting parents around the world to become game-changers by helping their children to grow up happy and healthy 21st century citizens. By becoming the best parents of our children we can ensure the future of not only our children, but also the well-being of mankind.


Elham Palestine

The partnership between the Universal Education Foundation and the Ministry of Education, UNRWA and the Ministry of Health in the context of Elham Palestine celebrates its 10th Anniversary.

Elham means “inspiration”. It is a bottom- up and top-down approach to inspire systems at national level to embrace the principles of Learning for Well-being. Elham aims at enhancing children’s learning environments to become more conducive to their well-being.


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Eurochild evolved from the former European Forum for Child Welfare (EFCW), which was the European branch of the IFCW (International Forum for Child Welfare). In 2003 several members of the EFCW decided to dissolve EFCW and found a new organization. Over the years Eurochild has become a network internationally recognised for its work to promote children’s rights and well-being.


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Alliance for Childhood

The Alliance for Childhood European Network Group (AFC-ENG) held its first meeting in Brussels in 2006. The founding members were Christopher Clouder and Michiel Matthes. The AFC-ENG is part of a global network of the Alliance for Childhood. They advocate for the good quality of childhood in the member states of the European Union and beyond.


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NIVOZ (Netherlands Institute for Educational Matters) established as a non profit organisation in 2003 by professorLuc Stevens after his retirement from the University of Utrecht. Stevens is a nationally renowned scholar, whose work places a special emphasis on school reforms. His pedagogical vision has been inspired and nurtured by his work with children with motivation and learning disabilities but is equally relevant for ordinary as well as for highly talented children.


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The European Civil Society Platform on Lifelong Learning (EUCIS-LLL) is an umbrella association that gathers 36 European organisations active in the field of education and training, coming from all EU Member States and beyond. Currently these networks represent more than 45 000 educational institutions (schools, universities, adult education and youth centres, etc.) or associations (involving students, teachers and trainers, parents, HRD professionals, etc.) covering all sectors of formal, non-formal and informal learning. Their members reach out to several millions of beneficiaries.


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Initiatives of Change International

Initiatives of Change (IofC) is a world-wide movement of people of diverse cultures and backgrounds, who are committed to the transformation of society through changes in human motives and behavior, starting with their own.

IofC Sweden and IoFC France are also members.


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The European Peer Training Organisation is a network of young people and youth serving organisations who use peer education as a way to overcome all forms of discrimination. EPTO trains and supports young people to lead activities that challenge stereotypes and to become activists against exclusion within their own environments.


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European Parents Association

EPA gathers the parents associations in Europe which together represent more than 150 million parents. EPA works in partnership both to represent and give to parents a powerful voice in the development of education policies and decisions at European level. In the field of education, EPA aims to promote the active participation of parents and the recognition of their central place as the primary responsible of the education of their children.


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Synergos helps solve the complex problems of poverty and inequality by promoting and supporting collaborations among business, government, civil society, and marginalized communities.


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Evens Foundation

The Evens Foundation is a public benefit foundation based in Antwerp, Belgium and with offices in Paris and Warsaw. The Evens Foundation initiates and supports sustainable projects, and awards biennial prizes, that contribute to the progress and strengthening of Europe based on cultural and social diversity.

The Evens Foundation encourage citizens and nations to live together harmoniously in a diverse Europe in the world. It promotes respect for diversity, both individual and collective, and works to strengthen people’s physical, psychological and moral integrity.


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The International Step by Step Association is a vibrant network that connects professionals and non-profit organizations working in the field of early childhood development. Established in the Netherlands in 1999, ISSA’s community today stretches across the globe with its more than 50 members primarily located in Europe and Central Asia. Building upon the Step by Step Program initiated by the Open Society Foundations in 1994, ISSA aims to ensure equal access to quality care and education for all young children from birth to 10 years old.


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The European Institute of Education and Social Policy is a non-profit organisation with 37 years’ experience in the analysis of education and training policies in Europe and in the partner countries of the European Union. The institute was founded in 1975 by the European Cultural Foundation to meet a need of the European Commission by contributing to the development of cooperation in education in Europe.

The EIESP contributes through its work and its international network to strengthening cooperation in education in Europe and between Europe and its partners.


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European Council for Steiner Waldorf Education (ECSWE)

The European Council for Steiner Waldorf Education (ECSWE) comprises 26 national Waldorf Associations, representing over 712 schools in Europe with over 147,000 pupils.


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International Association for Steiner/Waldorf Early Childhood Education (IASWECE)

Waldorf early childhood education, also known as Steiner early years education, is devoted to the health, education and care of the young child from birth to school entrance.

Waldorf early childhood educators seek to nurture the development of each child’s unique capacities by offering warm, homelike environments with opportunities for imaginative play, meaningful purposeful work, and experiences in the arts, in nature and in community. There are nearly 2000 Waldorf kindergartens, home programs, child care centers, and pre-schools in more than sixty countries throughout the world.

We hope, that our website will provide helpful information and answers to your questions about Waldorf early childhood education around the world and about our association.


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The aims of EUROCLIO are Building professional capacity through developing and implementing innovative (on-line) teaching tools. Fostering professional knowledge exchange, intercultural dialogue, cooperation and networking across borders and communities. Supporting sustainable professional civil society stimulating, initiating and empowering independent history and citizenship educators’ Associations across Europe and beyond.


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Pomoc Deci

Pomoc deci aims to promote quality care and education for children from 0 to 18 years of age and their parents, and focus on quality education for all and ecology (inclusive education for all children, improvement of education for ethnic minorities starting from preschool levels to adult education). Youth Activism (youth involvement and activism, needs and development of local communities, social partnerships at the local level, capacity building for local NGOs) and the prevention and protection of children and youth trafficking (late registration of non-registered children, youth and their parents).


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4 motion

4motion is an educational actor who works towards helping people release their unique potential and fully take their place in society. 4motion develops educational tools, awareness and training activities aimed to challenge stereotypes and prejudices, to fight against exclusion and discrimination and to promote citizen engagement. 4motion makes people move from awareness to action and supports them in their projects.


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FCYA – The Family Child Youth Association

The Family, Child, Youth Association – established in 1993, as one of the first non-profit organizations in Hungary – aims to support the protection of children and the strengthening families, accomplished by fortifying, training and providing services to helping professionals.

The Association publishes books, training materials and after 20 years of publishing the only Hungarian professional journal on family and child welfare, protection, since 2010 due to the lack of finances it has been published on-line. Whilst the programs conducted by the Association are primarily within Hungary, we have been with an extensive international network. Members at ISPCAN and in Eurochild, participating in several EU projects they are also adapting good practices and translate and publish materials in different areas, like foster care, abuse prevention, child rights. Their involvement in numerous international research and training programs, organization of prestigious national and international conferences, distribution of information and awareness-raising is also part of the activities.


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Fysio Educatief

Fysio Educatief is a publishing house that specializes in health education, which is sensitive to children and their surroundings. Passionately committed to integrating movement into education, they are convinced that this gives a significantly higher return on investment through educational efforts. That is why Fysio Educatief  “moves” as many people as possible — worldwide — in the framework of proactive and preventive health care. The organization offers a platform to develop and disseminate these ideas, working with national and international partners in the field of health education and carrying out extensive pilots. Related scientific research combines responsible methods with optimal results.


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Active Parenting (Sweden)

Active Parenting is aimed at all parents, carers, family and other adults living with children and adolescents. Their courses are designed to help children and adults “meeting themselves” and create what they want in life. Active Parenting’s approach is to cultivate growth from the inside with mutual respect as the core. The Learning for Well-being Foundation and Active Parenting, are exploring the possibility of developing a parenting training programme based on the principles of Learning for Well-being.


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Maya Vakfi Foundation – Turkey

The Maya Vakfi Foundation dream of a productive society, open to exploration, devoted to helping others, filled with healthy individuals who have had a free and safe childhood.

The Maya Foundation was established in October 2015 with the aim to create a safer and more desirable world for children and youth; to support their academic, mental and physical development, to create a future where they can express themselves freely, think creatively and reach their full potential.


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Unicef – Innoccenti Center – Italy

Following ratification of the Convention of the Rights of the Child in 1989, a range of research projects at Innocenti contributed significantly in shaping UNICEF’s adoption of the human rights-based approach to development. Innocenti pioneered much early work on child protection as UNICEF’s mandate expanded in this area.

Innocenti today plays a critical evidence gathering and knowledge building role for UNICEF and its key partners on a wide range of cutting-edge children’s issues. It coordinates multi-country research on the drivers of violence affecting children. It plays a central role in adolescent well-being, child rights and the internet, child rights implementation, family and parenting support policy and multi-dimensional child poverty analysis.

Today the Office of Research – Innocenti is the dedicated research centre for UNICEF. It exercises a leadership role on research and related activities across the organisation, with a mandate to develop a research agenda that focuses on knowledge gaps relevant to the strategic goals of UNICEF and its key partners.

The L4WB-F is partnering with UNICEF’s Office of Research, Innocenti, and the US based Fetzer Institute in a two-year research project, beginning in January 2018. This project will be the first stage in a multi-year study on developing practices and products for strengthening core capacities. To read more about this project go here.


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L’Albero della Vita – Italy

L’Albero della Vita is a humanitarian organisation composed by three different non-profit organisations: The Foundation, The social Cooperative and The Volunteer Association.

For L’Albero della Vita, ensuring children’s wellbeing means creating opportunities for a decent, full and satisfactory life: in other words, offering them a proper nutrition, personal and medical care, age-appropriate leisure, social and sports activities, as well as the chance of freely nurturing their most intimate aspirations.


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EuroDesk Brussels – Belgium

Eurodesk is an international nonprofit association created in 1990. As a support organisation to Erasmus+, Eurodesk makes information on learning mobility comprehensive and accessible to young people and those who work with them. With a network of national coordinators connected to over 1000 local information providers in 34 European countries, Eurodesk raises awareness on learning mobility opportunities and encourages young people to become active citizens.


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The Youth – Netherlands

The Youth News Foundation was founded in 2015 by Dutch journalist Tako Rietveld. After working as a presenter and reporter for the Dutch National Children’s News for over ten years, he felt the need to give children across the world a voice. The Youth News Foundation supports an international network of professional journalists working with youth called Youth Correspondents.

Youth Correspondents are trained to become qualified and certified journalists with the ability to work and make reports with children and teenagers. We support 60 journalists in 30 different countries. They are “our” reporters, educators and figureheads. The goal is to have a The Youth Correspondent in every country of the world, so every story can be told and even more important, every story can be heard!

The Youth is an independent, non-commercial platform.


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Charidy – USA

Charidy, is a crowdfunding community that rallies donors who want a better world to support organizations that are building it. Charidy makes giving personal and meaningful—one campaign at a time.

Charidy’s vision is to foster a community of people who believe that their efforts, at any scale, can actually change the world.

Quite a few of the L4WB Community Members have held very successful crowdfunding campaigns through Charidy. Just a few are CATS, The Youth and Ceji.


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Fetzer Foundation – USA

The Fetzer Institute is a growing community of people who see we’re part of something more. They believe the connection between the inner life of spirit and outer life of service and action holds the key to lasting change.
They explore the mysteries of ourselves and our universe through spiritual and scientific inquiry. Fetzer works for personal and societal transformation—encouraging the spiritual growth of all people and supporting inclusive communities and institutions around the world.
They aim to inspire and serve a global movement grounded in connection that transforms the world into a more loving home for all.

The L4WB-F is partnering with the Unicef Innocenti Center, and the US based Fetzer Institute in a two-year research project, beginning in January 2018. This project will be the first stage in a multi-year study on developing practices and products for strengthening core capacities. To read more about this project go here.


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Wellbeing Project – USA

The Wellbeing Project is a global initiative focused on shifting the culture of the social change field to one oriented towards inner wellbeing and catalysing an infrastructure of support for everyone in the field. The Project is co-created with leading social change institutions and is a community of many of the key global and regional social change leaders and organisations.

The project is structured in four pillars which all play a vital role and contribute to the larger mission of supporting and growing the wellbeing movement, Inner development, Research and Evaluation, Learning and Convening and Storytelling.

The Wellbeing Project is co-created with Ashoka, the Esalen Institute, the Fetzer Institute, Impact Hub, the Skoll Foundation and the Synergos Institute.


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Education for Life – Israel

Established in Israel in 1999, Education for Life (EfL) is a leader in the field of innovation in education.

Grounded in research and supported by advocacy, EfL’s unique contribution is to create eco-systems in schools and communities, to allow for optimal self-development of children. By creating a common language between educational staff, parents and children, the Education for Life Foundation, contributes to human development and moral self-fulfillment of everybody involved. People who understand themselves better can make better decisions- for themselves, others and their environment.


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