L4WB online Magazine

The Learning for Well-being Magazine was created in 2016 and is published online twice a year. The articles are free to download.

Each issue explores a theme of interest for all those who wish to expand their perspectives on creating and encouraging inclusive and supportive societies, and for cultivating capacities and environments that place well-being at the centre of all our endeavours. The themes are explored from multiple perspectives by inviting contributors who work (and learn) in different fields, professions, disciplines and countries.


  1. Measuring what Matters (January 2016)
  2. Relationships for Learning (September 2016)
  3. Engaged Participation (March 2017)
  4. Meaning and Purpose in all our Endeavours (September 2017)
  5. Living Systems (April 2018)
  6. Competent Systems (January 2019)
  7. Partnering Across Generations (December 2019)

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