We carry most of our activities through mutually reinforcing partnerships aimed at catalysing change at local, national or international levels. Partnership happens between organisations and individuals coming from different sectors and disciplines, but also between different generations. 

We aim to reach a critical mass of partners that can help create a new narrative for children’s well-being and participation. 

Examples of partnership development activities include:

  • Creating local and international alliances (e.g. national ACT2gether, L4WB Community)
  • participating in networks (e.g. Child Rights Connect, Alliance for Quality of Childhood in Europe),

convening project specific partnerships (e.g. Core Capacities for Living and Learning)


World + Palestine, Netherlands, Germany & Bolívia

ACT2gether is a global partnership initiative designed to promote an intergenerational approach to children’s participation in realising their rights.

It comprises global and local alliances of organisations and individuals (of all ages) working together for this purpose. These are ACT2gether Local/Global Alliances.

L4WB Foundation is the steward of the global activities. Each Local Alliance has its own steward organization.

To support its aims, ACT2gether activities are organised around 3 interconnected streams:

  • 2getherLINK – a structured process for building partnerships and catalyzing change
  • 2getherLEARN – tools and knowledge for building capacity of children and adults for partnership
  • 2getherLAND – a model of gathering for building community to support and sustain social change

ACT2gether was born from out of what we learned of co-hosting Children as Actors Transforming Society (C.A.T.S.) *, an annual event dedicated to children’s participation for children and adults from all over the world. After 6 editions, the foundation wanted to explore ways in which it could encourage others to engage children in decision-making and unleash the transformative power of working together across generations.

Learn more about ACT2gether.

*in partnership with the Initiatives of Change France and Initiatives of Change Switzerland

School Community Development

Israel & Netherlands

Ongoing training and coaching educational communities to bring pupils, professionals and parents together to improve well-being.

The programme combines: 

  • A guided “School Charter” process that enables systemic decision-making where all voices are heard and involved; 
  • a survey tool that measures the experience for all school actors and provides reliable information about the experience of well-being, showing which areas are in need of development.
  • Interventions to strengthen capacities that can address the identified issues.


Education for Life (IL), Tmurot (IL), VanMontfoort (NL)