Daniel Kropf

Daniel is the Founding Chair and Chair of the Learning for Well-being Foundation, formerly the Education Foundation. From a young age onwards, Daniel took a great passion in a more holistic approach of human beings, education and health care.

As a healthcare entrepreneur, Daniel has always pursued a deeper understanding of human functioning. With diverse approaches encompassing tools and methodologies from the Western and Eastern cultures. He has established, chaired or directed several healthcare businesses ranging from biofeedback and cognitive behavioural therapy to tools for genetic diagnostics, cell therapy, glycol-protein mapping, finger printing and sequencing to medical devices. He is also a Board member of the Evens Foundation, of EPTO (European Peer Trainers Organization) and on the board of EIESP (European Institute for Education and Social Policy).
Daniel is married with two young children and currently living in The Netherlands. Send an email to Daniel

Corinne Evens

Ms. Evens is a leader in the fields of international business and philanthropy. As President of the Evens Foundation, she has worked to promote diversity, respect and tolerance in Europe by providing grants, organizing conferences, and recognizing worthy initiatives in culture and education. The Evens Foundation awards Prizes for Intercultural Education to contribute to European social integration.

Ms. Evens began a career in real-estate by starting a business in Paris dealing with property acquisition, renovation and resale. She has carried on real-estate investments internationally in places such as Belgium and France, and since 1997 has been manager of several real-estate companies and holdings in France. Before entering the business world, Ms. Evens worked in the arts. She trained at New York University’s cinema department from 1975-1977 and then worked as an assistant to a producer. From 1981-1985 she worked as a director of documentaries and video-art in Paris and Belgium.

Maria Herczog

Maria Herczog has started working as the senior technical advisor of Better Care Network in November 2015. She is an economist and a sociologist with over 35 years of experience in teaching at university courses and in vocational training courses.

Maria has been playing an important role in the child protection reforms of Hungary and other transition countries in Central and Eastern Europe during the last almost three decades in different capacities, as a temporary scientific advisor of UNICEF, WHO, Council of Europe, national governments, and the EU. She has been also active in the building of the civil society in the CEE region, becoming the first Eastern European member of the executive board of IFSW for 6 years, later a board member of IFCO for two years. She was elected to the UNCRC Committee in 2006 and reelected in 2010, where she was the rapporteur of the Committee for the last 2 years. A founding member of Eurochild on behalf of the Family, Child, Youth Association operating in Hungary with her different leadership roles since 1993. She has been working as an elected member of the Management Board in 2009, and as president since 2010 in Eurochild.

Freek Noordman

Freek Noordman is a senior tax consultant for Pereira. Although he is an all-round professional, he mainly focuses on the planning of corporation and income tax of companies and private individuals. The clients are mainly international corporations and internationally operating private persons. ‘As a tax consultant, I am constantly challenged to solve relatively complex issues, and to find concrete solutions for complicated tax situations. I really enjoy bringing in my creativity in my work.’ Working at Pereira since: November 2008 Educational background: Tax law, University of Groningen. During his studies, Freek was the editor-in-chief of a tax journal, Forfaitair.

Konstantinos Papachristou

Konstantinos Papachristou is studying politics and international studies at the University of Warwick. He is the founder of the 1st online think tank for teenagers in Greece, Teens4greece. He has also gained international experience by being a member of the Eurochild Children’s Council and the Child Advisory Team that was set up by Child Rights Connect. For his advocacy work for children rights he was also nominated for the International Children’s Peace Prize of 2019. He is a member of the youth group working for Act2gether and in his own words : ‘ It’s a great pleasure to work with such an inspiring team of individuals that aim to change the world by inviting all generations to work together and create a just and sustainable world’. Additionally, he is currently developing Teens4world, a global initiative that young people can use to raise their voice.

Edvina Dedić

Edvina acknowledged injustice from a very young age, but didn’t always know how to get people to listen to her opinion, while being so young. Once she had decided to make sure that she is the change she wants to see in the world, she became the second best debater in her country, led a big number of conferences and made many appearances on radio and tv shows on different topics concerning young people. Slovenia’s association of friends of youth, gave her the opportunity to first participate and then facilitate in a program allowing for middle school children opinions to reach the Slovenian government. After that she joined Eurochild children’s council and for two years focused on children’s rights in Europe. During this time she also worked as a promoter for UNICEF and is still a volunteer there. She wanted to expand her work and out of the many connections she made, the Learning for wellbeing Foundation caught her heart. Edvina feels like it gives her the opportunity to help anyone and not just one specific minority and becoming a board member of an organization like L4WB-F at the age of 17, was something she felt she owed the little girl inside her who was mad at the unfairness in the world!

Aksa Ali

Aksa Ali is in her final year of higher education, pursuing a bachelors degree in Accountancy. Aksa is an activist for children and young people’s rights and has strongly advocated this in Scotland. She has worked closely with Young Scot, Scotland’s national youth information charity and served as a board member to promote intergenerational collaboration and race equality. As a young Scottish-Pakistani woman, she has a great passion for increasing awareness on ethnic-minorty struggles and campaigning for young people of colour.

Rebekah Scerri

Rebekah has been an active contributor to various local and international communities over the past ten years. 

She has been a member of a local youth centre, where she has grown through the years and is now a youth animator herself. In this role, she facilitates youth meetings and camps and helps out with other events held by the centre. 

Rebekah has also been active in the area of child participation. She served as a co-opted member on the Council for the Children’s Commissioner in Malta and on the organising team of an international children’s rights’ conference for three years. 

Rebekah is passionate about the care and welfare of those around her, which has motivated her to volunteer in impoverished communities along the Amazon river in Peru, an experience which has profoundly impacted her and strengthened her interest in social equity and wellbeing. This passion has also been a main inspiration for her studies in University. She is currently in the penultimate year of her Degree in Medicine and Surgery and aspires to be able to incorporate a holistic and personal approach to her practice.

Andri Pandoura

Antri is studying law at the University of Glasgow and aspires to become a solicitor. She has been involved with the activities of Learning for Wellbeing for a few years now, and is interested in intergenerational collaboration, particularly with regard to peace-building and conflict