ACT2gether was created to gather, strengthen, and give visibility to children and adults that work in competent partnerships to realise children’s rights and well-being.


It offers an innovative approach to implementing children’s participation, bringing a well-being lens to rights-based approaches, by acknowledging each child’s uniqueness, the importance of intergenerational relationships, and by creating a space where the participants are able to practise their core capacities in a more refined way, helping them partner and weave personal and social change.


ACT2gether was born out of our learning while co-organising Children as Actors Transforming Society (C.A.T.S.) *, an annual event dedicated to children’s participation for children and adults from all over the world. After 6 successful editions, we wanted to explore ways in which we could encourage others to engage children in decision-making and unleash the transformative power of working together across generations. C.A.T.S. was developed in partnership with Initiatives of Change France and Initiatives of Change Switzerland.


Locally and internationally, ACT2gether involves three strands of activity:


  • 2getherLINK: Forming alliances between child-serving organisations, and with children, to catalyse social change
  • 2getherLEARN: Cultivating capacities and creating resources that help children and adults be better partners in social change
  • 2getherLAND: Transformative gatherings for all ages to play with the serious challenges of their communities and the world.

ACT2gether activities are spearheaded by the Learning for Well-being Foundation at international level and by its strategic partners at national and local levels. All ACT2gether sites are part of a learning community sharing purpose, knowledge and resources, and adopting well-being and intergenerational approaches to children’s participation with the aim to gather evidence that will advocate for social change and policy reform.


For more information you can reach:

Maria Belen Paz Aguilar – International Development Director



ACT2gether Latin America

Focus: Active citizenship, strengthening democracy and children’s Rights


ACT2gether in Latin America is led by ACT2gether Bolívia from the city of La Paz to fulfil the rights of children to participate in decisions that affect them as a condition to realise children’s rights. ACT2gether Latin America has been active since 2019, with partnerships in Uruguay, Argentina, Brasil, Ecuador, Mexico, Honduras and Peru. 


Past cooperation included UNICEF Bolivia, Solidar Switzerland, Plan International, EDUCO, World Vision, Save the Children, UNFPA Bolivia,  and local organisations that emphasise the importance of partnership between generations as a way to build more inclusive democracies through the participation of all.


ACT2gether Latin America includes a group of active children and young people between 10-25 years old who are local government authorities, creative actors and youth activists.

Facebook: ACT2gether Latinoamérica

Tatiana Quiroga – Act2gether Bolivia Director


ACT2gether Germany

Focus: Social Equality / Mental Health 

Between 2019 to October 2022, ACT2gether in Germany was implemented by the Bertelsmann Stiftung, exploring children’s role in promoting social equity through intergenerational partnership. Bertelsman Stiftung co-created the concept and image of ACT2gether and organised the very first 2getherLAND.


Today ACT2gether in Germany is led by the Kinderrechten Forum (KRF), who have been working with Bertelsmann Stiftung from the beginning of ACT2gether, and are now focusing on creating local spaces of dialogue addressing young people’s mental health. 


ACT2gether Germany works with a young expert group — the JET team — who have been involved in designing and implementing all activities from the start .


ACT2gether Netherlands

Focus: Intergenerational partnership in youth mental well-being


ACT2gether in the Netherlands is facilitated by the Learning for Well-being Foundation. The local partnership is growing since 2021. 


ACT2gether Netherlands is developing a free training for young people between 16 and 28 years old who want to become ACT2gether Ambassadors and be able to facilitate workshops on youth participation at external parties. This training will take pace from the 12th to the 14th of May, 2023 in The Netherlands.


Learn more about the Training Weekend.

LinkedIn: ACT2gether Netherlands


ACT2gether Palestine

Focus: School Health; Child Rights


ACT2gether Palestine is facilitated by the Universal Education Foundation (UEF) Palestinian branch trying to bring competent partnerships to the national level, starting with individual children and adults in order to involve the family, then the community, and finally, the country.


Their current aims are to secure political commitment from ministries, in particular the Ministry of Education, and institutionalise ACT2gether through environmental school clubs spread across the territory where children and adults work together. 


Thanks to a partnership with Cork University College (Ireland) and Fondation Botnar (Switzerland), UEF will also be implementing the social action strand of “Advancing Children’s Right Network”, called ACT2gether Palestine for children’s rights, which includes a leadership programme for children and adults to collaborate in social action to realise children’s rights.


ACT2gether Palestines works with an advisory group of children (aged 11–18 years old) that come to the office once a week to participate in planning and training activities.


Facebook: ACT2gether Palestine

Nasreen Salman, Universal Education Foundation


ACT2gether Israel

Focus: School Communities; Child Rights

ACT2gether Israel is facilitated by Education for Life (EFL) Israel, trying to bring competent partnerships to the educational system and governance of councils and municipalities.


Their current aims are creating well-being in educational communities by cultivating the capacities and skills that will enable children to cope with the challenges of the 21st century and instil a culture of adults and children working together to improve their communities. 


Thanks to a partnership with Cork University College (Ireland) and Fondation Botnar (Switzerland), Education for Life will also be implementing the social action strand of “Advancing Children’s Right Network”, called ‘ACT2gether Israel for children’s rights” which includes a leadership programme for children and adults to collaborate in social action to realise children’s rights.



Arik Attias, Education for Life, Israel



L4WB Magazine – Issue 7: “Partnering Across Generations”


This issue of the L4WB Magazine is structured around the theme “Partnering Across Generations”. Authors were invited to address one of the principles of Learning for Well-being, specifically in relation to ACT2gether. The featured texts represent viewpoints anchored in the personal experiences of each of the authors.

Read Issue 7 of the Learning for Well-being Magazine




We Are Here. — A Child Participation Toolbox


The Learning for Well-being Foundation and Eurochild have published a toolbox that offers practical activities to help children, and adults who support them, preparing for roles as participants, representatives and facilitators, in events where children and adults work together for the improvement of their communities.


The publication combines a rights and well-being perspective on children’s participation and promotes a partnership approach, highlighting the contributions of both children and adults in the process.

Download “We Are Here” (PDF)



Child & Youth Participation in Philanthropy: Stories of Transformation


Done in partnership with Philea, this study features 11 stories of foundations that have involved children and young people in decision-making about their grants and programmes. It provides recommendations and clear examples of initiatives by foundations along this journey, which can be used to spark discussion on the various modes and phases of participatory philanthropy, whatever the target group or thematic area.

Download the report here.







2getherLAND Online!

2getherLAND Online! was a campaign response to the pandemic by promoting partnership between children and adults using different social media and virtual platforms. The campaign included four movements: Acts of Kindness, a series of challenges and suggestions for activities to inspire and connect people from different generations; Stories of Connection between generations; Conversations for All Ages, facilitated online conversations between children and adults; and Learning 2gether online workshops.


Visit ACT2gether YouTube channel to access many webinars on intergenerational skills.



2getherLAND Germany

The 1st 2getherLAND happened in October 2019, with more than 230 participants from all over Germany. The “camp” enabled a dialogue between children and young people from deprived backgrounds on their problems and questions, and the possibility to propose solutions. Through cooperation between several national partners, 2getherLAND Germany gave a push to fair opportunities in educational institutions, youth welfare, politics, administration and civil society.


Watch a movie about the gathering (in German)!


2getherLAND Bolivia 

Bolivia hosted the second gathering in December 2019. The motto “Partnership between generations” was felt by more than a hundred participants in a day full of proposals and participation exploring the theme of Children as Human Rights Defenders.


Between 2020 and 2022, Committees of Children from different departments in Bolivia held four national gatherings on the themes of  Children as Human Rights Defenders, active citizenship and strengthening democracy through intergenerational partnership. 


Read ACT2gether Latin America blog to find out more (in Spanish).

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