For six years the L4WB-Foundation co-hosted the CATS* (Children as Actors Transforming Society) in Caux, Switzerland. An annual event for children and adults from all over the world who were dedicated to rights and well-being of children. We wanted to show the world that children of all ages can participate in the solutions for the problems affecting them, together with adults. CATS was functioning as a laboratory of living together.

*in partnership with the Caux Foundation and Initiatives of Change France


A global movement

Out of the learnings from CATS, together with our partners of the L4WB Community we created Act2Gether: a global movement to create partnership between generations, accros all sectors, such as Health, Education, Governance, Art, Sports, Religion, Welfare and Justice. Setting the example of a holistic approach by including the transformative power of children.


Gatherings, training and platform

Act2Gether consists of:

  • 2GetherLand: Gatherings for all ages to play with the serious challenges in our world today
  • 2GetherLearn: Training that helps children and adults to be better partners
  • 2GetherLink: Online Platform for a global community sharing stories of partnership


Do you wish to join the Act2Gether movement? Send an email to Luis for more information. 


Other Transforming Relationships activities