ACT2gether aims to create a social movement promoting partnership between children and adults across sectors in order to create a fair and sustainable world

The initiative involves three strands of activity:

  • 2getherLAND: Gatherings for all ages to play with the serious challenges in our world today
  • 2getherLEARN: Training and resources that help children and adults to be better partners
  • 2getherLINK: Alliances and success stories of intergenerational partnership, both off-line and on-line.

Associated activities are spearheaded by the Learning for Well-being Foundation at international level, and by its strategic partners at national and local levels.

ACT2gether was born from out of what we learned of co-hosting Children as Actors Transforming Society (C.A.T.S.) *, an annual event dedicated to children’s participation for children and adults from all over the world. After 6 editions, the foundation wanted to explore ways in which it could encourage others to engage children in decision-making and unleash the transformative power of working together across generations.

*in partnership with the Initiatives of Change France and Initiatives of Change Switzerland



A global gathering to celebrate partnership between children and adults

Cover image for 2getherland Concept NoteAfter 2getherLAND Germany (Oct. 2019), 2getherLAND Bolivia (Dec. 2019), The Netherlands will host the first 2getherLAND Global, inviting people from all generations and from around the world to come and co-create the future of ACT2gether as an international initiative.


2getherLAND contributes to realizing children’s rights and well-being, and explores how intergenerational partnerships can help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.


These are the questions we want to explore with about 240 children and adults from all over the world:

  • How can we together create an international movement that supports partnership between children and adults in creating a fair and sustainable world?
  • What are the conditions that allow children and adults to act as competent partners in improving their lives and communities?
  • What are the skills and attitudes needed for both children and adults to act in successful partnerships?

Download the concept note (in English) with the aims, programme and practical information.

Téléchargez la synthèse du projet en Français avec les objectifs, programme et informations pratiques.

Descargue la nota conceptual (en español) con los objetivos, el programa y la información práctica.



We Are Here. — A Child Participation Toolbox

The Learning for Well-being Foundation and Eurochild have published a toolbox that offers practical activities to help children, and adults who support them, preparing for roles as participants, representatives and facilitators, in events where children and adults work together for the improvement of their communities.

The publication entitled “We Are Here. – A child participation Toolbox” combines a rights and well-being perspective on children’s participation and promotes a partnership approach, highlighting the contributions of both children and adults in the process.

The activities in the Toolbox have been developed by the two organisations based on their long-term collaboration in supporting children in international events over the past few years. Eurochild’s Children’s Council were involved in developing and piloting several of the activities.

The publication is available online for free in both Eurochild and the Learning for Well-being’s websites.


Click here to download the Act2gether Toolbox pdf file.


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