Elham Palestine: An Inclusive Partnership for Systemic Change

Elham Palestine is the first – country-level – pilot developed by the L4WB Foundation and its partners. Elham is an Arabic word meaning ‘inspire’, and the genesis, design and structure of this programme is intended to celebrate those who are developing initiatives in the educational systems that can inspire other intrapreneurs.

Elham was created and operated in a national partnership that engaged education, health, ICT, civil society and children in a collective effort to enhance learning environments of Palestinian children to become more conducive to their holistic development and well-being.

In 2008, Elham was awarded in Helsinki the Global Best Award for an Innovative Partnership in Education. In 2012, Elham was awarded the Arab Achievement Award in Education. It has served as inspiration for other bottom-up and top-down approaches to systemic change.

After ten active years of operating, we are currently reviewing our activities to reorient them more closely to the L4WB principles, and to offer greater support in cultivating capacities for making decisions for individuals, groups and communities.

Partners: Palestinian Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health and UNRWA.


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