Potential for Life

This is a programme where young people support younger peers in secondary schools in:

  • connecting to their sense of purpose and direction
  • identifying their unique strengths
  • discover their optimal way of learning

So they can participate in shaping their school environments, and feel more engaged in learning. The L4WB-F partners with EPTO (European Peer Training Organisation) and its members in developing Potential for Life.

The Learning for Well-being framework underpins this peer education programmes. Helping young people in embracing their differences, and realizing their unique potential. Strengths-based and holistic perspectives are thus brought to peer training. Notions of diversity are expanded to include individual differences in learning and communicating.

This project has been piloted in Belgium, Romania and Luxembourg. After being evaluated the programme is now being expanded to a series of tools to include teachers and parents as well.


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