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93rd QoC Talk: Neuroscience and music


93rd QoC Talk: Neuroscience and music

On Tuesday, July 2nd, the 93rd QoC Talk took place in an enlightening online event exploring music’s profound impact on individual and social development in children. Supported by Fondazione Mariani and Sistema Europe, the event brought together experts, young representatives, and participants from diverse backgrounds for an engaging discussion.

Christopher Clouder from the Alliance for Childhood – European Network Group opened the event with welcoming remarks. Maria Majno, Vice President of Fondazione Mariani, Luisa Lopez, Scientific Coordinator of The Neurosciences and Music conferences, and Emmanuel Bigand, a neuroscientist and musician from the University of Bourgogne, delivered compelling presentations highlighting how music engages the same brain areas as language, fostering cognitive, emotional, and motor development in children.

Young voices took the stage to share personal stories about what music means to them and discuss how policymakers can support musical education and accessibility. The subsequent Q&A session saw participants engage in a lively discussion, delving deeper into the topics presented and sharing their own insights and experiences.

Chiara Piccolo, Head of European Affairs of the Learning for Well-being Foundation, briefly analyzed the recent EU Parliament election, discussing the implications for Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and the opportunities for greater involvement and influence. This analysis sparked further reactions and reflections from participants, creating a dynamic exchange of ideas and feedback.

The event concluded with closing remarks emphasizing the importance of integrating music into educational and developmental frameworks for children.

Stay tuned for more events and initiatives that continue to explore and promote holistic approaches to child development. Join us as we continue to advocate for the well-being of children.

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