The annual Lifelong Learning Platform (LLLP) event in Vienna was the usual vibrant interchange between 43 networks around formal, non-formal and informal education that together cover 50,000 institutions.  The Learning for Well-being Foundation was invited to offer an energizing moment at the LLLP General Assembly, led by Daniel Kropf, that encouraged those present to make decisions and take action through a process — facilitated by music and journal notes — that comprised of the four steps of ‘Stillness-Lift-Choose-Connect.’


The Learning for Well-being Foundation was also invited to chair the LLLP working group on the ‘Wider benefits of Learning’ that emphasizes education as key to social cohesion and well-being, as well as employability.  The ten organizations that attended this meeting represented students, parents, school heads, volunteers and migrants from across Europe as well as special pedagogies such as Steiner Waldorf education, in addition to vocational training and adult education.  All these representatives spoke eloquently about the principles of Learning for Well-being, and notably about unique potential, relationships, diversity, engaged participation and feedback.

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