Helping young people finding a sense of purpose

From 14 to 19 May, in Luxembourg, the L4WB Foundation, in partnership with the European Peer Training Organisation, led another seminar of the project “Bouge et Décroche ton Potentiel” (Move and Land your Potential).

The project gives the opportunity to 4 groups of European young people who are not in education or training, to explore their unique potential and identify their qualities and the competences they have acquired through their life experience. Each group is aged 16 to 25, and participates in a residential seminar in which an adapted version of the programme “Potential for Life” is offered.

By the end of the seminar, participants develop a personal development project, which is then coached by local youth workers. In certain cases, participants  have the opportunity to live a traineeship experience abroad. This project represents a rich opportunity to continue piloting and developing the programme “Potential for Life” and its potential application to young people who have been away from school, and who seek a sense of purpose through professional development.