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Intergenerational partnerships and child participation, the achievements of ACT2gether Latin America


Intergenerational partnerships and child participation, the achievements of ACT2gether Latin America

The end of 2022 is an opportunity to reflect on how far ACT2gether has come in the different sites. ACT2gether Latin America and its work in Bolivia is a successful example of how hard work pays off and how important it is to continue working for and with children.

Throughout this year, ACT2gether Latin America has accompanied children in different projects, ensuring their voices are heard in their quest to defend their rights, improve their communities, strengthen leadership, and guarantee better conditions for all children.

Numerous projects have been executed in different areas, some of which are:

Governability and participation

  • School governments (responsible for making the voices of children be heard in their schools)
  • National Committee of Children (highest instance of representation of children at a national level)
  • Committees in Action (a virtual space where different levels of children committees from all over Bolivia can plan joint actions and strengthen their committees)
  • Intergenerational Forum for Citizen Participation (a space for reflection between authorities, child leaders, teachers, parents, and civil society actors)
  • Participation in the PTDIs (plans on economic, territorial, environmental, and human development issues to improve the quality of life of inhabitants of specific municipalities)

Influence and leadership

  • Accionando (Acting for the rights of my community – a call for proposals created and implemented by and for children that respond to the needs of their communities.)
  • Influence without glitch (a project to promote the actions of children who are part of organisations, exercising their digital citizenship and promoting ICT skills)

Communication for social transformation

In partnership with PICA (Intelligent Programs with Adolescents)

  • Matafuegos (Prevention of forest fires and environmental care through an animated series, a video game, and innovative educational methods.)
  • Intergenerational dialogues (A community where people of all ages can find common ground on different subjects through dialogue.)
  • The tribe of care (Violence prevention through the construction of a care network that considers both children and the people who play the role of caregivers as actors in need of care/support.)

As a final act in 2022, ACT2gether Latin America has made a formal presentation of guidelines for establishing student governments -in a partnership with Educo– and for the creation of Children’s Committees – in collaboration with UNICEF. These documents were designed for children and adults who accompany the processes behind creating participation spaces; however, they are also aimed at public authorities.

The team in Bolivia also supported the Second Assembly of the National Committee of Children, which took place in Santa Cruz and gathered children representatives from all over the country.

All these events, planned from a fun, holistic and intergenerational approach, set a precedent for promoting child participation in the country.

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