Through Act2gether’s  participatory and intergenerational approach, KRF (Children’s Rights Forum) in Cologne is dedicated to improving the mental health of children and young people in Germany. They collaborates with child advocates, with pedagogy  specialists, teachers, and other professionals to work together on this pressing issue.

The first activity of 2023 is 2getherLAND Cologne, a camp dedicated to promoting mental health and well-being for children and young people. The camp will address critical questions about mental health, including how to ensure every child can exercise their right to mental health, allowing  everyone access to the help they need, and improving communication about their well-being.

Cologne is the first location of three other 2getherLAND camps, followed by Dresden and Berlin. It will take place from June 2nd to 3rd, 2023, in Cologne-Sül, and is open to children and young people aged between 10 to 18, supported by accompanying adults. The accompanying adults will fully participate in the programme and must meet the criteria for assuming the duty of supervision.

Learn more and register for the event here.