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Spring Online Retreat


Spring Online Retreat

The vision of the L4WB-F is to promote inclusive and supportive societies where everyone realises their unique potential throughout their life, focusing on supporting environments and processes that allow individuals and groups to develop as competent systems. 


This vision starts from within, so in March, the L4WB-F team participated in a three-day online retreat that focused on strengthening the team bonds, supporting each of its members in exploring their unique patterns of processing and discussing the L4WB framework and some of its essential concepts.


Stimulating discussions were held. Everyone had the opportunity to share their thoughts and then, as a team, understand how the uniqueness of each person, their particular way of approaching tasks, solving problems, or simply the way they interact with the other is what enriches the work of the organisation. Furthermore, one of the sessions was entirely dedicated to exploring and understanding the spiritual perspective, one of the 4 perspectives – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – that represent the dynamic human experience of well-being and wholeness within the L4WB framework.


Team members left with a sense of clarity, calm, and connection, feeling more confident in understanding how to continue developing themselves within their personal lives and the work environment. 


Changes to societies are only possible through individuals and groups engaging in holistic and systemic processes for themselves and others.


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