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Student governments for active citizenship


Student governments for active citizenship

Act2gether Latin America, in collaboration with Educo Bolivia, is also actively working to strengthen the child participation system through the establishment of student governments.

Currently, this process is being carried out in public schools and encompasses three pivotal stages:

  1. Receiving Information: Students delve into the significance of democracy, voting, and their role as active citizens.
  2. Initiating Action: Students take the initiative to form representative bodies, fostering their active participation.
  3. Election Day: Students engage in the electoral process to select their student government members.

These spaces are of high importance as they serve as the initial platforms where children grasp the concept of citizen participation and are provided with essential tools prior to engaging with Municipal Committees.

By supporting and nurturing these spaces, we lay a solid foundation for children to comprehend and actively participate in shaping their communities, fostering a culture of inclusive governance from an early age.

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