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Supporting and strengthening children’s participation systems at a national level


Supporting and strengthening children’s participation systems at a national level

In Bolivia, the legislation sets up the guidelines to implement participation spaces so that children’s voices and needs are taken into account and so they can express their desires and work towards improving their communities. These spaces start at ground level in public schools with the elections of student governments and scale up to a representation at the national level.

ACT2gether Latinamerica, alongside other organizations, have been working since last year promoting the creation and supporting the formation of these participation spaces at every level. The team in Bolivia has accompanied this process from the beginning: from school governments, municipal committees, and departmental committees to the final and highest level of representation: a nationwide committee to be the main bridge between the adult world and the world of children.

Recently, the National Committee had its first Assembly. Children representing their regions flew from all over the country to meet and discuss their work plans, strengthen their bonds and capacities, and meet with authorities to form alliances to work for the wellbeing of children in Bolivia.

It is an honour to contribute to implementing a participation system that gives children the space to make their plans, dreams and aspirations heard. Their work in the participation system creates a difference, supported by their commitment to improving the lives of the children they represent and their work in intergenerational partnerships in municipalities and communities. This team effort to accompany these processes will continue, generations working hand in hand to make these spaces thrive and grow.

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