Educational Evaluation For Well-Being: Personal, Relational, And Global Webinar 

A warm invitation to educational thinkers, practitioners and policymakers to discuss the challenges of the current assessment paradigm and to explore the potential of an innovative orientation to education, one that places the process of relating at the centre of learning and well-being!

Many believe that the building blocks for realising the potentials of a relation-centred education are largely in place. However, the major obstacle to its advancement remains the defective, testing-based approach to assessment. Hence, amplifying the voice of students and teachers, we explore an energising array of evaluative practices that nourish the potentials of relating while providing a wealth of resources for continued learning, and for enriching students’ (and teachers’) well-being.

Join us in deliberations on the practical possibilities of transforming education for the well-being of all. 


13th October 2022

14.30  16.00 CET

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