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Our Semilleros (seedbeds) of child-led projects are bearing fruit!


Our Semilleros (seedbeds) of child-led projects are bearing fruit!

Children and young people are agents of social change with the ability to become leaders and positively transform their communities. Und

er this conviction, last November, Educo Bolivia and Act2gether Latin America, in alliance with the Kolibrí International Festival for Children and Adolescents, launched a call for submissions of projects to be designed and executed by and for children and adolescents, responding to their needs. This project, called Semilleros, concluded this month by implementing the selected projects. 


An intergenerational jury chose two out of eighteen submitted proposals. The winning projects (Radio Revive, from La Paz, and Galaxia del Saber, from El Alto) received funding and training to execute their programs, aiming to be a seed of social transformation in their communities. Thanks to this opportunity, they led the development and implementation of processes, which is  usually done by adults. 


Radio Revive is a collective of young people that seeks to create spaces to talk about rights and fight against disinformation and adult-centrism. Their project aims to allow participation, education, and active listening for children from 10 to 17 through creating collective videos. They provide the essential tools for video making and editing and aspire to make children’s rights visible through their own contexts and needs.


Galaxia del Saber is a team of young leaders who work on building a more conscious society through the development of social projects. Their


 proposal aspires to raise awareness to reduce beliefs in the myths of romantic love and prevent abusive and violent relationships. The proposal mainly focuses on working with girls, boys, adolescents, and young people from El Alto Municipality. Still, it also aims to create awareness among adults and other members of society.

There are no better actions than those born from personal experiences, allowing individuals to raise their voices and claim their demands.


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